10. Possible applications

Bitcoin Finance:

  • Corporate/project tokenized shares, issued centrally, but traded in a decentralized way;

  • Loans and bonds, both centralized and decentralized;

  • Bitcoin and other assets with higher programmability and confidentiality, wrapped into RGB, issued in a decentralized way (but with a semi-federated pegout)

  • RGB-wrapped stablecoins, operating on the Lightning network as a means of payment; issued in a centralized or decentralized way

  • Decentralized exchange;

  • AMM solutions, for instance algorithmic overcollateralized stablecoins.

Non-financial applications:

  • Self-sovereign identity;

  • Decentralized global name registry;

  • Digital ownership right management systems;

  • Non-fungible collectibles and tokenized art;

  • DAOs;

  • Provable and verifiable audit logs.

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