13. History & acknowledgements

RGB was originally envisioned in 2016 by Giacomo Zucco (BHB Network) as a "non-blockchain based asset system" basing on earlier ideas of Peter Todd about client-side-validation and single-use-seals and implemented as original MVP around 2017 by BHB Network with support from Poseidon Group. Since 2019, Dr Maxim Orlovsky, Pandora Prime AG, acts as the main designer and lead contributor to the RGB protocol, designing and implementing it in its current form. Since 2019 RGB was restructured and re-thought from scratch as a generic form of computing and confidential smart contracting system. This development was managed by LNP/BP Standards Association, created in 2019 by Maxim Orlovsky & Giacomo Zucco and funded by iFinex Inc and Fulgur Ventures (2019H2-2020H1, 2022Q4-2023), Pandora Prime AG (2020H2-2021), personal funds of Dr Maxim Orlovsky (2020H2-2021, 2022H2), Hojo Foundation (2022-2023), DIBA Inc (2023) and anonymous community donations. A lot of input into RGB design, re-design and protocol peer-review came from a broader community, which included contributions from more than 50 people and organizations, including: Alekos Filini, Alessandro Salvetti, Armando Christian Dutra, Christophe Diederichs, Cláudio de Castro, Chris Stewart, Emil Bayes, Fabrizio Armani, Federico Tenga, Francisco Calderon, Juraj Bednar, Hunter Trujillo, Max Hillebrand, Marco Amadori, Masaki Muranaka, Martin Habovštiak, Nadav Kohen, Nicola Busanello, Olga Ukolova, Rajar Shimaitra, Rene Pickhardt, Reza Bandegi, Sabina Sachtachtinskagia, Sosthene, Stefano Pellegrini, yojoe ZmnSCPxj, Zoe Faltiba, zkao. The community management since 2019 was performed by Olga Ukolova.

Many inputs into protocol design ideas and suggestions came from personal conversations of Dr Maxim Orlovsky and Giacomo Zucco with notable cryptographers, specialists on distributed systems and game theorists, including: Adam Back, Andrew Poelstra, Christian Decker, Christopher Allen, Pieter Wuille, Peter Todd, Rene Pickhardt.

We are thankful to the early adopters of RGB protocols, who invested and continue to invest into RGB integration and independent peer reviews: Bitfinex & Tether, inbitcoin, DIBA, SuredBits, Blockchain Of Things, Atomic Finance.

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